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25 January 2021

It's 2021!! Researching LTC and Thinking about Your Future

Hello Folks,

Happy 2021 from MyLTCCaddy.com! These are challenging times we all know. But life continues; so buck up, see that light twinkling in the distance and head toward it. We at MyLTCCaddy.com have always stressed communication, education, and doing your own research. That said, we'd like to give you a few teasers to go research on your own. 

In the United States, how many people turn 65 each day? How many Americans total are over the age of 65 as of now? A quick Google search will give you the answer and the numbers are astounding. How will this population trend shift the Long Term Care market in the future? Will there be a strain on Medicaid? What can the government do for me? What would Long Term Care insurance (LTCi) cover?

Insurance companies don't give these policies away. You have to be sound of body and mind to get them, and have the financial health to pull it off. As is with most insurance concepts, you don't need it when you buy it. But if you have a future event, you and your family will sure be glad you got it.

Drop us a line. We'll answer the tough questions.

-the caddy

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