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What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Long Term Care insurance is all about protecting your assets, your loved ones, and your own lifestyle and standard and living.



Control Your Care

Maintain your independence by planning for future care.

Once you take matters into your own hands, and plan for future LTC, many variables are eliminated. Once LTC insurance is locked down, how to pay for the cost of care is set. Even if you are incapable of making financial decisions when the time for care arrives, your loved ones won't be scrambling for financial solutions.

Inherently, planning for long term care will make you more independent, now and in the future.

Protect Your Family

Make a long term care event simple for your family.

When the need for long term care arises, complications can arise. How will we pay for this care? Who will control the available assets? What happens when the money is gone? Will my children have to pay? Assuming your children will take care of you is a risk. Strain could also result among siblings attempting to manage your money and care.

Long term care insurance alleviates many of these issues. Give us a call and we’ll tell you more.

At myLTCcaddy.com, we can help you plan for life's back nine.

Call us today to find out how we can help ensure your life plans stay on course.

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Preserve Your Assets

Keep what you spent a lifetime earning.

Long term care is expensive. And as the population ages and demand increases, so will the price of care. Some know they have the assets to cover the cost when the need arises, and are willing to liquidate when the time comes. This route puts logistical pressure on those needing care and brings on confusing tax implications. Others want to preserve their assets for the estate or family. Not everyone has the capability to easily diversify assets to cover long term care indefinitely, but if you can, why not?

Regardless of scenario, LTC insurance will simplify your financial world. You’ll be covered when the time comes. Peace of mind is something myLTCcaddy.com takes seriously.


Business & Associations

Bring your employees/members up to speed on the state of Long Term Care.

Employees appreciate a company that provides presentations on important topics. As do members of clubs and associations. myLTCcaddy.com gives informational seminars at these types of organizations. We'll come in and discuss the current market of LTC, projected future market conditions, and different sets of options to prepare.

Community service and improvement nicely rounds out any company or association. Contact us for more information.