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LTC Solutions

Teeing Up

What is Long Term Care (LTC)? Let's talk about it. Here's some information.

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Green to Tee LTC Planning Approach

When planning for your future, we are scientific with our method.

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Long Term Care Solutions

Traditional/Hybrid/Short Term policies. We have the tools in our bag.

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LTC Scorecard

From a solution to your legacy, we are here. Get an assessment of where you stand.

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MyLTCCaddy.com | Long Term Care Insurance | Licensed since 1999

What our customers are saying...
  • Zack encouraged me to file for long term care benefits for my mother when I didn't think she qualified yet under her LTC policy.
    He walked me completely through the application process and made it all very easy. As he assured me, the LTC company
    began paying benefits. I'm very grateful for the help Zack provided and for his knowledge and professionalism.

    - Darlene M.